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Frequent Questions

COVID-19 Refund Policy

Are there other fees?

There are no additional fees: No insurance fees, no hitch fees, no cleaning fees, no mileage fees, no fees for supplies, no fees for anything. Seriously! The only four optional services that some customers request are. 1) delivery, 2) generators, 3) portable waste tanks, and 4) bedding/towels.

Do you deliver?

Yes, most of our reservations are deliveries. Delivery is $75 + $1.00 per mile driven each way from our location in China, Maine. For example if a campground is 25 miles from us then two round trips would be 100 miles making the delivery, set-up, pick-up price $75 + $100 = $175.

Can my vehicle tow these campers?

In most cases, yes. The empty weight of these campers is between 1,576 & 6,314lbs. The empty hitch weight is between 194 and 650lbs. The best place to find your vehicles towing capacity is the vehicle manual in the glovebox.

Do I need an electric brake controller on my tow vehicle?

Not for Pop-Ups but you do for the hard sided campers. State law requires your vehicle to have an electric brake controller if towing a trailer over 3,000lbs. Most SUVs and Trucks now come with electric brake controllers built in. SUVs and Trucks that have a circular electrical trailer connection either have electric brakes or are pre-wired for electric brakes. If you are only pre-wired then you can purchase an electric brake controller for less than $90. Most new controllers will do fine and can be purchased and installed at most U-haul locations nationwide.

Do I always get the exact camper I reserved?

Yes almost 100% of customers get the exact camper they reserved. Many of our units are identical and interchangeable (same floorplan and same or similar model year) so logistics could lead to a last minute switch. This is very unusual so you should expect the exact unit promised to you. When there is an unexpected change it's often a free upgrade :)

Do you accept credit and debit cards?

Yes we gladly accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Payments may be made on our website or in person. If you require a delivery do not worry about cell coverage. We do not need cell coverage to process your payment. Of course cash is always preferred.

When can I pick-up or drop-off?

Any day of the week. Weekend pickups are typically 1pm or later. We have day jobs so when pick-up occurs M-F pickup is 4:30pm or later. During Summer we operate nearly 24 hours/day by appointment only. We can discuss times as your day approaches.

What equipment do you include?

Lots! A complete list is included in the description of each camper. Most customers find that everything is included except the bedding, pillows, and bath/hand towels. Generators and portable waste tanks are also available to rent.

What kind of hitch do I need?

Pop-Ups require the renter to have at least a Class II hitch and 2" ball.

Hard sided campers require at least a Class III hitch and we provide you with one of our weight distribution anti-sway hitches free of charge. Wolf Pups and popups are 2" ball while Grey Wolfs and Trailmasters are 2 5/16" ball.

What about insurance?

With towable units your tow vehicles insurance policy is primary. We do carry our own commercial insurance policy that is secondary unless otherwise prohibited by law. Additional drivers are covered at no cost as long as they are identified on the rental agreement. Per the rental agreement if an insurance claim is necessary then you are responsible for the deductible. There are laws that govern the rental industry on this matter and we are following the direction of these laws.

Security Deposit.

All camper rentals require a refundable $500 security deposit to be paid when you pick-up your camper. This is held by us to ensure damaged or lost items are replaced. Security deposits are best made with a credit/debit card. Security deposits are usually refunded the same day your return the camper but in rare cases may take up to 7 days.

Is there tax?

Yes. There is 5.5% state sales tax on your total rental charge.

Do you allow pets and smoking?

Sorry no pets and no smoking.

Are kids allowed?

Of course! These things are made for kids. But they must be at least 25 to tow a camper! :)

How do I make a reservation?

Send us an email or call us to confirm availability. Then make your booking deposit by credit, debit, or PayPal.

What do I need to enter into a rental agreement?

  • Valid driver's license(s);
  • Remainder of rental balance;
  • Refundable security deposit (we prefer credit/debit cards as refunds are easier);
  • Valid vehicle registration (if towing yourself);
  • Valid insurance card (If towing yourself). Mass does not issue insurance cards so Mass residents will need other evidence of insurance; 
  • Approximately 1 hour of your time.

More questions?  Contact us.