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Generac IQ2000

Rates and policy:

  • $20 per day (24 hours)
  • $120 per week
  • Two day minimum rental.
  • 10 hours included for each night rented (extra hours $3/ea)
  • Gas full at pick-up and full at drop-off.
  • Delivery available.
  • Refundable $200 security deposit held on credit card (not needed if renting a camper)


  • Quietest generator available! Quieter than Honda! 
  • Powerful enough to run the entire camper but not able to run roof mounted air conditioners.
  • Easiest starting generator I've ever seen with only 3 steps
  • Smart LED shows fuel level, remaining run-time and wattage use
  • Start/run/stop functions all in 1 simple-to-use dial
  • Instantly displays wattage used
  • Low oil shutdown safeguards engine from damage
  • Compact and lightweight design