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Camper Rentals

Our Maine camper rentals are stocked with everything you'll need for your trip. They are self-contained and perfect for your vacation or just housing extra guests at your home or camp. The campers below are listed by price in ascending order. The pop-up is towable with almost anything so long as your vehicle has a class II hitch or larger. The Wolf Pups are 3,047lbs and can be towed by almost any SUV. The remaining campers are towable with larger SUV's and pickups. We commercially insure all campers for no additional cost. Select a camper below for pictures and specifications.

2019 model. Weighs just 1,576 and able to be towed by almost anything.

2019 model. Full size fridge. Bunks and lightweight.

2021 Bunkhouse with all the comforts of home! To be manufactured in May 2020. Taking reservation now!

2020 model and 34 feet long with two separate bedrooms!

2021 bunkhouse! This model has 3-bunks with an exterior "dry" kitchen. Manufactured May 2020.

2021 bunkhouse! This model has 4-bunks. Manufactured May 2021.
2021 bunkhouse! This model has 4-bunks. Manufactured May 2021.